Blessed by a Priestess




Just after the ceremony I ran into Anka.


Syama Venu

Syama was an amazing guide and priestess!

My wet head...


Chanting every day...



The Teacher

Sri Amritanada Natha Saraswati was a nuclear physicist at the TATA Institute of Physics in Mumbai prior to experiencing a series of profound spiritual awakenings that lead him to go back to his home town of Vizag and meditate. He became a wisdom keeper, A Guru in the ancient spiritual school of Sri Vidya and helped establish a series of Goddess Temples in this ancient Goddess Worship Lineage, where on women serve as priestesses (uncommon in India), westerner and non Brahmins were welcome to come and learn. He was a visionary with a expansive mind. His outpouring of unconditional love & His ability to meet people where they were without agenda, with deep listening & presence are what cemented him in my heart as a teacher. He helped me through my mothers death and ‘welcomed me to the angels’ establishing the earth as my mother and giving me his blessings to share his teachings and energy far and wide.


Ganapathi Mantra

Start with 16 times a day...or 108 times as Anka suggested.

Aim Sreem Hrim

Kleem Glaum Gaum


Vara Varada

Sarvajaname Vasamanya Svaha


Sri Vidya

Sri Vidya is an ancient Tantric Goddess linage that uses coded ritual Mantras (Sounds) & Yantras (Geometrical Patterns) to open dormant areas of your consciousness - increasing cognition &  accelerating spiritual awakening.  I share Sri Vidya teachings as passed to me by Sri Amritananda Natha Swaraswati of Devipuram.  For more information on my teacher you can purchase 'The Goddess & The Guru' on Amazon.  Or go to  If you are interested in learning these technologies you can contact Anka directly at


Mahalakshmi Sadana


May this serve you and all those who's lives you touch well.  There is a lot of mystery around Sri Vidya Mantras, lucky for us we were touched by the life of a person who brought these technologies out of secrecy.  You have to know that prior to Guruji, these Mantras, Yantras and rituals were traditionally given to Brahmin men.....It was sri Amritananda who some 35 years ago (not exact) started to share what he was learning in Africa with everyone who sought the knowledge, regardless of sex, nationality, race or creed.  I met him towards the end of his life and know him as a man who wanted to make these sound vibrations and technologies accessible to everyone.  I studied with him for the last 6 years of his life, and managed to go through several  years of Sri Vidya 44 day sadanas in the midst of my busy life in LA.  The advice from Guruji was - if you don't have time - simplifiy but stay connected.  

It is best if you memorize and chant the Mantra eventually.   You have a drop box folder with the text and recording of me chanting.  The science behind mantras is that as you chant and your tounge beats their sound on your upper pallet you are waking you Pineal gland and your entire brain with a new rythymn that is aligned with something much vaster than your limited mind.  

Mantras literally change the chemical make up of your brain.  The Ganapathi mantra from Devipuram was studied at Hyderbad university in a study on antidepressants.  It was found that it was more effective at raising serotonin levels than pharmaceuticals in the long term.  This is real shit.  These sound vibrations are strong medicine.  I could go on for a long time but will save it for later.

I have LOVED and studied abundance mantras from Devipuram for years and have seen the results quite clearly - while i am not a bank account millionaire - but I can safely say that I have liberated myself  from the money worries/ I inherited from my family and society.  

Now the process is that as we chant for abundance, we often find out what stands in our way.  If you are ever stuck and can't find a solution meditate on this mantra and its energy will help you cognise and see new solutions.  When you chant this - you are chanting for you and for everyone who's life you touch (at a phsycic level it can be all humanity)

Abundance is the ability to perceive solutions regardless of outside circumstances.

Eat up these sounds like a meal.  Absorb them into the cells of your body and through your Sadana become Lakshmi with her ever flowing Milk.  You can chant, listen, read, even listen while you sleep (if you don't have time or just want this to reprogram your subconscious into a more loving abundant vibration).  Stay connected for the next 44 days.  Give us all the gift of your presence and voice.

As you progress and get familiar with the sound I will send some instructions on doing internal Puja with it.  

If you have any questions - please reach out. 
Most importantly do this and all things IN- JOY.