This year starts with a few shamans, a Mexican curandera, and a pack of wolves. Welcome to Season 2 of My Number One. After a long hiatus, Nancy is back meeting healers, but this season, the format is crushed. Take a ride into a year of living beneath the veil. Enter at your own risk.

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My Number One is a podcast that follows host Nancy Hower as she meets the number one choice of her friend’s healers around Los Angeles. She will first experience whatever modalities of healing or self help that they offer and then interview them about their craft. It is a pursuit for health, wealth, love, and happiness in the number one healing mecca in the world, Los Angeles California.  Each week she will follow a recommendation to meet a healer. These people are the real deal. They make a difference. The interviews will span from their origins, to philosophies to their choice “number 1’s”. It is a free wheeling discussion about life in the forth dimension.      Nancy is an avid “bio-hacker”. 

GUEST STARS: Gabriel Bejarano, Teo Alfero, Chris Henrikson, Frangela, Allison Dunbar, Spenser Peck and Kirk Ward.

Host: Nancy Hower

All Music licensed under a Attribution 3.0 United States License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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Thingamajig - Jason Shaw, Invernan - Blue Dot Series, Curse You, Fingers - Doctor Turtle, Awkward Situation - Borrtex, Rafael Bejarano - Seeing In The Dark, City Song - Ian Merrigan, Kosta T, Chez Nobody - Antiguo Automata Mexicano, Romeo Et Juliet - MIT Symphony Orchestra, O’ Gabriela - Carsie Blanton, Cursed House - Sergey Cheremisinov