Season 2 Ep 5: AMMA: The Hugging Guru

Nancy visits Amma to get a hug.

My Number One is a newbie guide to healing and healers. Follow Nancy as she searches for number one healing modalities with the help of her friends who just happen to be hilarious actors, writers, musicians and healers who egg her on and give her counsel. Based on the podcast, this show takes her around the world as she gets to the heart of different healing modalities and also delves into it’s origins. It’s part road trip, part spiritual journey. A comedic search for the meaning of life and a spiritual experience.

Healer - Amma The Hugging Guru -

Special Guests - Dina Platius, Gabriel Samuels, Angela V Shelton, Evie Peck

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Excerpts from: Thousands Meet Hugging Saint -

Hindu Spiritual Leader Hugs Thousands Of Followers -