Ep 10 GST is Fascia-nating!

Do you hate working out? We’ve got you covered. The key is in the fascia... and Anna Rehe. Dina Platius (Miss Lippy) names her number one! For more info go to http://www.gstbody.com/ or www.mynumberonepodcast.com

Guests Frances Callier, Dina Platius, Anna Rahe, Stephanie Bernhard Fatooh, Hudson Lehr, Jules Lehr, Allen Clancy

All Music licensed under a Attribution 3.0 United States License. 

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Swining Sofas- Lobo Loco - My Favorite Home Tracks, Thingamagig - Jason Shaw -Audionautix: Acoustic, Visions of 2018 (ID 783) Hot Hey - Blues, Evening Drum - The Hermeneutic Circle, Aim Is True - Podington Bear - Passages, Paper Feather - Migration- Blue Dot Sessions, Stay Here - Ian Merrigan, I got You - Ian Merrigan, Bread Alone - Ian Merrigan, Audio Except from Billy Madison.