Ep 3: Blessed By A Priestess

A mysterious invitation takes Nancy to a place where there is no GPS...and clothing is optional. Anka Malatskaya's number one is Kalavahana, an empowerment ritual, where the bija sounds of the Goddess are placed in the Body.

Sri Vidya is an ancient Tantric Goddess linage that uses coded ritual Mantras (Sounds) & Yantras (Geometrical Patterns) to open dormant areas of your consciousness - increasing cognition &  accelerating spiritual awakening.  I share Sri Vidya teachings as passed to me by Sri Amritananda Natha Swaraswati of Devipuram.  For more information on my teacher you can purchase 'The Goddess & The Guru' on Amazon.  Or go to www.Devipuram.com.  If you are interested in learning these technologies you can contact Anka directly at allliedawareness@gmail.com

THE GANAPATHI MANTRA - (SOUNDS LIKE) Om Shreem Hrim Kleem Glaum Gaum Ganapathaye Vara Varada Sarva ja nama Vashamana yes vwaha