Season 2 Ep 4: Star Gazing with Heidi Rose Robbins

Lennon Parham leads Nancy to Heidi Rose Robbins for some astrology and poetry. My Number One is a podcast that follows host Nancy Hower as she explores the number one choice of her friend’s healers around Los Angeles. It is a pursuit for health, wealth, love, and happiness in the number one healing mecca in the world, Los Angeles California.  Nancy can be reached @mynumberonepodcast on Instagram and at

Heidi Rose Robbins -

Special Guests: Lennon Parham, Heidi Rose Robbins, Frangela - Francis Callier and Angela V. Shelton, Sue Schlott

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Kate Bush - Lily , Up Down - Ketsa, How I Used To See The Stars, Lee Rosevere, Balloons Rising - A.A. Aalto, Plataition - Jason Shaw,  Backdrop - Blanket Music, The Ambient Ukulele - Lee Rosevere, La tapa del viernes, Thingamajig - Jason Shaw